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Terasz AKCIÓ

Premium aluminum terrace

With glass or polycarbonate roof


Our premium aluminum terraces are made with 14 cm wide legs. Thanks to its large load-bearing capacity, we can cover an area of 7 m wide and 6 m deep (42m2) with two support legs. Our terraces have an in-built drainage system, which has a hidden passage for the water to exist. You can order terraces with LED lighting, heat radiator and garden furniture as well. Our company’s special service is that we produce unique sizes. Terraces with a width of more than 7 m are designed according to the customer’s requirements. In this way, we can materialize our cooperate clients (restaurants, hotels) ideas.

Terrace example:

5m x 3m terrace: 3880 € + VAT

6m x 4m terrace: 5130 € + VAT

These example prices include average travel and installation fees as well. For a unique quote please fill out our form.

Production and delivery time are approximately 6-8 weeks. We provide terrace installation all throughout Hungary. Our installation team delivers and installs terraces at a pre-arranged time.

We offer a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for all terraces. Ask for a FREE individual quote.

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